Donation mortis causa

An act to take effect at the death of a donor by which he disposes of the whole or part of his property. A donation mortis causa is revocable during the lifetime of the donor.

How to Complete a Louisiana Title Transfer

Buyer and seller must complete the title assignment on the current title certificate and have it notarized (best if done in front of a Notary Public) Complete a vehicle application. Complete an odometer disclosure statement, if applicable. Submit the above, with payment, to the OMV. Seller should submit a Notice of Transfer or report the transaction online.

Notaries pack added power in Louisiana

Louisiana is a unique state. It has great cuisine, fabulous music and wonderful people. It is also the only state that has a legal system based on civil law, derived from the Napoleonic Code. The notaries public in this state have much more authority than notaries of the other 49 states. In fact, in the other states much of the transactional authority of the Louisiana Notary Public would be reserved only for lawyers. There are two types of notaries in Louisiana — attorney notary and non-attorney notary. Attorney notaries are also lawyers who are able to try cases and offer legal advice. A non-attorney notary is able to perform many administrative duties but cannot offer any advice as to the

2018 Recent Developments in the Law for Notaries & 2018 Advanced Topics for Notaries

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401k Better or Worse- You Need Your Spouses Consent

Spousal Consent for a 401k Distribution A woman who claimed that a plan distribution form indicating her consent to her late husband's distribution election was never properly notarized and therefore invalid has the agreement of a federal judge. The husband had elected a split distribution: one half in a lump sum and one half in an annuity without survivor benefits. The husband passed away after having received the lump sum distribution and two annuity payments. The wife then sued over the waiver's validity. ERISA requires that the distribution waiver form be witnessed by a plan representative or a notary. In this case the notary had stamped the document without the wife present. The US Dist



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