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B.I. Moody III College of Business law instructor Fred Davis, J.D., swears in Sarah Hebert, an accounting junior from Milton, La., after she passed the Louisiana state notary exam.

LAFAYETTE – After completing a notary exam preparation course at the Moody College of Business in the fall of 2016, the students set a record of having 60 percent of the class pass the notary exam. The state average is 21 percent.

Fred Davis, J.D., teaches the notary exam preparatory course and commented that while the University’s results generally exceed the state average, these current results are especially high.

“The results were high because of the extreme dedication of the students and their diligence to the rigors of the course. I also think the course provided a broad perspective on the topics that could be tested,” Davis said.

Additionally, Davis credits Pass My Notary, his published workbooks, which provide an analysis of the state notary study guide, practice test questions and strategies for success. Davis continuously updates the materials as needed.

The course Davis teaches is BLAW 340, which is offered every fall semester. This course is the only notary class offered in the state for University credit, as well as one of the few taught by a practicing attorney. BLAW 240 is also available to the public for non-degree seeking individuals.

“Many accounting students choose to take the notary class so they will have a better chance of passing the state test. They can graduate not only with their degree but a Louisiana state notarial commission that can help make them more marketable to employers,” Davis said.

Students commend Davis on his teaching, calling him “passionate,” “engaging,” and “helpful and knowledgeable regarding the notary material.”

To register for this course, current students can do so at, and prospective students should apply at before registering. Please note Davis’ course is not offered online.

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