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Cute humanized depiction of a legislative "BILL"

Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary A Committee effectively turned Senator Jay Luneau's Remote Online Notary Bill (SB 472) into the Law Institute bill supported by the LNA. This is a big victory for notaries and our civil law tradition! The committee's actions were influenced by the large number of emails and calls they received in opposition to this bill. Way to go LNA members!

Also, LNA President, Sharon Toups, and Nan Riffe, LNA member, joined LNA lobbyist Scott Kirkpatrick in committee to fight SB 472 as it was written.

The unusual committee hearing resulted in Senator Luneau pledging to adopt the Law Institute bill language thereby excluding authentic acts from the remote online notary law. The committee allowed Senator Luneau's bill to advance after his public pledge.

The LNA is turning its attention to supporting HB 274 by Representative Ray Garofalo. This bill will be heard next week in House Civil Law Committee and the bill language reflects the Law Institute's recommendations.


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