Dear Members, The LNA has continued to track the progress of Rep. Davis’ proposed legislation (HB 604 in the 2022 legislative session). Per the information we have ascertained during a series of meetings with various stakeholders (inclusive of the LNA) over the course of the past two months, we expect for HB 604 to be amended such that notaries will no longer be required for OMV dealer-based transactions in Louisiana involving vehicles nor will notaries be required for passage of salvaged titles. While the LNA clearly sees the great benefit of notaries participating in titled movable transactions, and while the LNA has addressed this position during the aforementioned series of meetings, the emergence of e-titles and the national trends of dealer-based title work independent of notaries public has left little room to negotiate. With the amount of various stakeholder and legislative support this bill has, we expect it to easily pass. Note that for now, private-party used vehicle transactions will still require notaries. Given this legislation and its prospective implementation, the LNA and various other stakeholders have agreed to form a committee to work through the logistics of this bill if and when the bill is passed. The LNA’s position at this juncture is that the proposed changes for salvage titles may take place immediately while the changes for the dealer-based transactions should not take effect until August of 2023. Please be aware that various other stakeholders are pushing for immediate implementation of removing the notary requirement on the dealer transactions. We need your help in contacting legislators so that we can hold off the implementation of this amendment regarding the dealerships until next year, and so that details and important considerations can be addressed within the stakeholder committee over the course of the next year. This is therefore a call to action. Please see the attached information and contact the legislators immediately. Thank you! Deirdre McGill LNA Legal Research/Legislative Committee Chair

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