Louisiana Allows Notaries to Sign an Act of Correction When the Notary has Made a Clerical Error. Lo

Andersen v. Succession of Bergeron, 2016-0922 (La. App. 1st Cir. 4/12/17), 217 So.3d 1248. On November 12, 2002, Ruffin Bergeron, Jr. formed Lone Oak Farm, LLC (the “LLC”), a company he envisioned for himself and his six children. However, one of Mr. Bergeron’s children, Michael, chose not to participate in the business. Two days later, Mr. Bergeron executed articles of organization for the LLC designating himself as the initial managing member. On that same date, Mr. Bergeron and the five children other than Michael executed an operating agreement for the LLC. By separate acts of transfer in 2003 and 2005, Mr. Bergeron contributed immovable and movable property to the LLC. The acts were sig

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2018 LNA Biennal Membership Survey The Louisiana Notary Association The Louisiana Notary Association is conducting its biennial membership survey! Take the survey by October 25, 2018, to be included in a drawing for a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card. Your answers will allow the LNA to provide YOU with valuable information to help you determine your fees. Rest assured, your answers are strictly confidential and will be compiled in aggregate for reporting purposes only. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY You may contact the LNA office at 225-927-7001 if you have any questions or issues regarding the completion of this survey. Thanks! The Louisiana Notary Association 8550 United Plaza Blvd. Suite 1001 Ba

If you work in the residential real estate area, take a look at the following case that shows how co

Louapre v. Booher, a New Orleans case from just recently. Facts: The Louapres purchased a property located in New Orleans from the Boohers. The Boohers executed a property disclosure statement which specified existing defects to the interior walls, windows, and exterior walls, but indicated that no defects existed with respect to the roof, pool, plumbing system, water piping, electrical, and heating and air conditioning systems. The Louapres hired someone to inspect the property and their report said that there were major deficiencies that might require additional investingation regarding the heating and air conditioning system, interior and exterior structural issues, the roof, and the plum

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