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The LNA is looking for experienced members to help moderate our new Notary2Notary discussion tool debuting in March of 2019! Notary2Notary will debut as an online community for members to post questions regarding many different topics. Designated moderators will review and respond to member questions, and original questions and responses will be available for viewing by all members with access to the community. Moderators need to be knowledgeable about one or more categories of interest and relevant to notaries. Moderators also should be able to provide accurate responses to inquiries posted in the online community within 24 to 48 hours of posting. Responses to inquiries posted in the online

A new authentic act?

We always learned that the husband of the mother is the father of the child. That presumption can now be changed by a three party agreement in the form of an authentic act. What happens when a woman gives birth to a child fathered by a man other than her husband or previous husband who is presumed to be the father of the child? In years past the presumed father could be cast with child support and other obligations for a child that was not biologically his. This can now be changed by contract in a three party agreement. Three-Party Acknowledgment of Paternity - Acts 2018, No. 21 (House Bill No. 147; Sponsored by Representative Dwight on Recommendation of the Louisiana State Law Institute; Ap

Louisiana Secretary of State Notary Public Survey

The attached survey (click here) was mailed to Louisiana Notaries on November 14, 2018. Pay particular attention to three key questions concerning: a) “Continuing Education” for notaries b) authorizing & creating a “Second Class” notary that would not be required to take the notary exam, and c) “Remote Notarization” If you did not receive a copy, I suggest you may want to download and print out the attached and email to Sincerely, Mandeville Notary Public 70448

May a Testator Put a Provision in His Will Which Deprives a Legatee of Receiving Under the Will if t

In other words, is a so called "no contest clause" valid in Louisiana? Succession of Laborde, (La. App. 1st Cir. 5/31/18). Glenn Laborde died in December of 2012. Mr. Laborde’s testament was probated in January of 2013. Mr. Laborde’s daughter, Glynis, filed a motion to nullify the testament due to lack of capacity and undue influence. At roughly the same time, a codicil of Mr. Laborde was filed in the succession proceeding. The codicil provided that if Glynis filed a legal action contesting any provision of the testament, all legacies in favor of Glynis would be revoked. More specifically, the codicil provided as follows: If my daughter, Glynis Annette Laborde, files a legal action in court



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