5 Reasons Why Loan Signings Need a Notary Public Present

Living in the digital era, where technology has entered most aspects of our everyday lives and has, for the most part, made all day-to-day processes easier and more efficient, one must stop and wonder how helpful and safe technology is when we become addicted to it all across the board. That is, when does too much of a good thing become bad for us? Much has been said within the last couple of months about the idea of e-notarization. This basically means closing notarizations remotely, without having the notary public and the client face-to-face at the notarization table. The process implies using remote communication systems in order to put the notary public and the interested parties (the c

85-year-old lawyer a ‘free will’ proponent of Baptist causes

ALEXANDRIA (LBM)—Attorney at law Hugh B. Exnicios is pursuing God’s vision for him at age 85 by announcing a call to like-minded lawyers and notary publics to join him in providing free wills to Louisiana Baptists as a means to encourage bequests to support Baptist causes “in perpetuity.” WHAT THE NUMBERS MEAN Exnicios said he was inspired by an April 7, 2016 article in the Baptist Message that shared data indicating that among tithers only 3 percent had made arrangements in a “last will and testament” to continue funding the evangelistic and compassion ministries they had supported with their tithes. He said the research showed that as many as 37 percent of these faithful tithers would make

Are There Any Notarial Documents Which Depend Upon Recordation For Their Validity?

Yes there are, but not many. We know that there are many documents which we are required to record as notaries. But recordation is not what makes most of our documents valid. Here are a few. * Prenuptial Agreement- This document must be recorded in the conveyance records in the parish where the couple will reside, prior to the marriage. In the case where the couple was married out of state, they have one year of moving into Louisiana to execute and record. * Declaration of the Separate Nature of Fruits and Revenues of Separate Property-Until this declaration is recorded, the fruits and revenues of a spouse's separate property are community property. The recordation takes place in the conveya

How do I title and register a new vehicle?

​A Vehicle Application form (DPSMV1799) must be completed and signed by applicant. Manufacturer’s statement of origin issued to the dealer and assigned before a notary by the licensed dealer to the applicant must be submitted, as well as the itemized invoice from dealer to purchaser, a completed federal odometer disclosure statement and original or copy of financing statement or security agreement ( if applicable). All files with a date of sale on or after August 1, 2012, must include a copy of the vehicle owner's current and valid photo identification. The photo identification provided should be a driver's license or identification card issued by this state, another state, or by the United



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