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How do I title and register a new vehicle?

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​A Vehicle Application form (DPSMV1799) must be completed and signed by applicant. Manufacturer’s statement of origin issued to the dealer and assigned before a notary by the licensed dealer to the applicant must be submitted, as well as the itemized invoice from dealer to purchaser, a completed federal odometer disclosure statement and original or copy of financing statement or security agreement ( if applicable).

All files with a date of sale on or after August 1, 2012, must include a copy of the vehicle owner's current and valid photo identification. The photo identification provided should be a driver's license or identification card issued by this state, another state, or by the United States military.

Fees include $68.50 title fee, $8.00 (Fees may vary) handling fee, $15.00 lien recordation fee for UCC-1 financing statements or $10.00 lien recordation fee for other security agreement documents. License fee is based on type/weight/selling price of vehicle and sales use tax based on domicile of vehicle and selling price.

All documents and fees must be submitted simultaneously to the local Office of Motor Vehicles or mailed to Headquarters. Acceptable methods of payment for vehicle registration transactions are as follows: Face to Face Transactions: Credit cards, debit cards, cash, money orders, electronic funds transfer and E-checks. A transaction fee will be assessed for payments made with a credit/debit card and E-checks as indicated below:

  • Credit/Debit - $1.25 plus 1% of transaction total

  • E-checks - $1.00


  • Personal or Business Checks (A drivers license number, telephone number, and street address must be included or your check will be returned)

  • Cashiers Checks

  • Money Orders

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

All documents and fees must be submitted simultaneously to the local Office of Motor Vehicles or mailed to Headquarters.Refer to Section IV, Policies 2.00, 47.00, 61.00 and 69.00 for additional information.


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