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Replacing a Lost Title in Louisiana

Since your title is proof that you are the legal owner of your vehicle, you should always store the document in a safe place. You'll need this document when you're selling your vehicle or registering your vehicle for the first time. If you ever lose or damage your LA certificate of title, you can request a duplicate from the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).

Please note, the following parties are allowed to request a duplicate title:

·        The last registered owner of the vehicle.

·        A person granted power of attorney for the last registered owner.

·        A curator for the last registered owner if he or she is determined to be interdicted and thus incapable of handling the transaction.

·        A bankruptcy trustee.

·        The recorded lienholder for the vehicle.

·        A representative for a corporation that has a legitimate interest in the vehicle.

How to Apply for a Duplicate LA Title

You must apply for your duplicate vehicle title in person at your local Louisiana OMV office.

To request a duplicate title, you'll need to submit:

·        A completed Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799) to your nearest OMV office.

·        A copy of your Louisiana registration certificate.

o   If you're unable to include a copy of any previous registration certificate, please include a note stating this. If you fail to do so, the process will be delayed and the LA OMV may reject your application.

·        Payment for the duplicate title fees:

o   The OMV charges $68.50 to issue a duplicate title, plus an additional $8 handling fee. An additional max fee of $18 if the title is not obtained through the OMV.


1.      If you would like the title mailed to someone other than the registered owner, the authorization statement must be checked on the application. You must also complete the mail-to section on the application.

2.      If you are not currently living in Louisiana, you must obtain a letter from the department of motor vehicles in your new state that indicates no additional title has been issued.



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