ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, and must be paid by money order, cashier's check, or certified check. In an effort to allow the most efficient processing of your application, we suggest that you review the following tips for both new and renewal applications: Review your application for completeness. An incomplete application may result in the delay or denial of your application. Make sure all questions are answered correctly, specifically the questions with regard to arrests, medical conditions, and 18 USC 922 g. (See selected statutes in the Law and Rule Booklet.) Read the arrest question carefully, as you must list all arrests, summons, and citations (except speeding citations) even if liste

Deceased’s Suze Orman Will Invalid in Louisiana

I was contacted recently after a father passed away. The adult children were hoping to get their father's estate settled quickly and easily. They mentioned that their father had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that the diagnosis allowed only a short time to live, so he did a "quickie" Suze Orman will to specify how he wanted to leave his estate. When I heard about the Will, I told myself I needed to see it. The son told me that the Will was three pages long. I said, "Hang up. Take a picture of each page and text them to me." He did. Whenever I review a Will for the first time, I always look for two things. First, I confirm that the Will meets the validity requirements for a last will

BUYING OR SELLING A USED CAR OR VEHICLE? How to, and what you need to do in Louisiana

Typically, the Buyer and the Seller both appear before the notary, each bringing a valid ID (un-expired drivers license). The Seller brings the title (free of any lien/loan). If there is more than one name on the title i.e. husband and wife, or parent and child, BOTH need to appear before the notary and sign the title. IMPORTANT – do not sign or fill in the back of the title until in front of the notary. The notary will create and notarize a Bill Of Sale, and then assist in completing and notarizing the back of the title. Seller should remember to remove License Plate from vehicle prior to hand over. The Buyer will then need to bring both notarized documents to the DMV to apply for a new Ti

Writing Your Own Last Will & Testament in Louisiana

1. The Notarial Testament – Simply put, a Will that is notarized and typically prepared by an attorney. 2. The Olographic Testament If you’re composing your Last Will & Testament on your own, it will fall under the category of an Olographic Testament and will need to meet specific requirements 1. Requirements For You By You. The most critical requirement of an Olographic Will is that it is created by one Testator (the person whose estate the Testament will govern) and expressed the intentions of that Testator. Note: Louisiana law does not allow for joint Testaments, therefore, even husband and wife must have separate Testaments/Wills. 2. Handwritten: The entire document must be handwritten

During Mandated Social Distancing, in Louisiana, "The pen [stroked before a Notary and Two Witn

Breazeale Sachse & Wilson LLP USA April 15 2020 A cursory review of the Remote Online Notarization Procedures included in Emergency Proclamation 37-JBE-2020; what they authorize, and more importantly, what they don’t. With the latest announcements of extended Stay at Home and Social Distancing Orders, it appears that we will need to continue to adapt to life with little or no personal contact. Of course, some of life’s necessary activities such as doctors’ appointments/examinations, and certain business/legal transactions still require a minimum amount of face-to-face contact with others. In Louisiana, these include the execution of certain types of testamentary instruments and transactions



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