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Donee One who receives a donation or gift. Donor One who gives or donates.

Louisiana Notary Association Bylaw Notice

Dear LNA Members: As you are aware, The LNA is holding its Annual Meeting and Convention this weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge. On this year's Annual Meeting agenda is a proposed bylaw amendment that would impose term limits on LNA Board members. This proposed amendment was attached to the official Annual Meeting Notice. The LNA Board held a regularly scheduled meeting on Saturday, October 14, 2017. A motion was made to support the bylaw amendment seeking term limits; the motion failed. A vote on the bylaw amendment will be held for all eligible voting members attending the Annual meeting during the Sunday, October 22 session beginning at 12:00 PM. In the past few days, you may hav

Title Which is Found to be Not Merchantable. Notaries who do Real Estate Will Find This Interesting

This 2017 Case Involves a Title Which is Found to be Not Merchantable. Notaries who do Real Estate Will Find This Interesting and Instructive. LATTER AND BLUM, INC. versus SCURLOCK Facts: Dr. Ditta, seller, and Mr. Scurlock, buyer, entered into an agreement to buy or sell. It was an all cash sale and in exchange for the purchase price, Dr. Ditta was obligated to deliver a merchantable title at the closing. There was an issue with a fence encroachment onto adjoining properties. Mr. Scurlock's attorney asked to postpone the closing date by 30 days so the parties could fix the title issue. In order to fix the fence encroachment issues, Dr. Ditta executed boundary agreements with the owners of e

Are you new to Louisiana?

SALES/USE TAX The Office of Motor Vehicles will collect sales/use tax on all transfers of new and used motor vehicles based on 75% of the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) retail value or the actual sales amount, whichever is greater. Sales/use tax can be assessed on a an amount lower than the fair market value if the vehicle has sustained major mechanical or body damage. Documentation regarding this must be presented along with the file. If a vehicle is purchased through a dealer, the sales tax is based on the total selling price, including any shipping or dealer prep fees less the trade-in (trade-in must be in seller's name and registered in Louisiana) or rebates, if any. Upon

Louisiana Title Replacement

To replace a lost or damaged Louisiana title submit the following to the OMV: A completed Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799). Complete the “Duplicate Title Affidavit" section and have it notarized. Complete the “Affidavit of Non-Possession of Title by Lienholder" section and have it notarized IF there is an active lien hold on the title. If you want the duplicate title to be sent to anyone other than named person on the title, you must check the authorization section of the application. Copy of your current registration. Power of attorney (notarized) if you are applying on someone's behalf. Payment for the title fee. If you have moved out of state and need to order a duplicate title from


Disinherison A means of depriving a forced heir of his inheritance due to some act upon his part which the law deems sufficient cause.

Selling a Car

When you sell a car, it is the buyer's responsibility to complete the DMV title transfer by submitting all necessary paperwork. However, you are responsible for the following: Assignment of title to the buyer. Include: Date of sale. Selling price. Your notarized signature. If the title does not allow you to provide the information listed above, provide the buyer with a notarized bill of sale. Although the title transfer will not legally be completed until the buyer has finished the application process, you can inform the OMV of the sale immediately. Visit the OMV website to complete a Notice of Transfer online (click here) When completing a vehicle transfer notice online, be prepared to prov

Buying from a Private Seller

When you purchase a car from a private seller, it is your responsibility to complete the auto title transfer; you have 40 days to file for your title. Bring the following to the Office of Motor Vehicles office: A completed Vehicle Application (Form DPSMV 1799). The current title certificate, assigned to you by the previous owner and notarized. The title must contain: Date of sale. Selling price. Both buyer and seller signatures. Notarized bill of sale, if the title certificate does not contain the above listed information. Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form DSPMV 1606), if the car is less than 10 years old. Copy of your ID or driver's license. Proof of Louisiana car insurance. Payment for a



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