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BUYING OR SELLING A USED CAR OR VEHICLE? How to, and what you need to do in Louisiana

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Typically, the Buyer and the Seller both appear before the notary, each bringing a valid ID (un-expired drivers license).

The Seller brings the title (free of any lien/loan). If there is more than one name on the title i.e. husband and wife, or parent and child, BOTH need to appear before the notary and sign the title.

IMPORTANT – do not sign or fill in the back of the title until in front of the notary.

The notary will create and notarize a Bill Of Sale, and then assist in completing and notarizing the back of the title.

Seller should remember to remove License Plate from vehicle prior to hand over.

The Buyer will then need to bring both notarized documents to the DMV to apply for a new Title and new License plate.


  • Buyer – unexpired Driver’s License

  • Seller – unexpired Driver’s License and title

  • Seller – remove and turn in old License Plate to DMV (or go online and advise State of ownership transfer)

  • Buyer – bring notarized Title and Bill of Sale to DMV and apply for new Title & Plate

Mandeville Notary is open, nearby, and ready to assist. (985) 727-9692, 712 Carondelet ST. Mandeville, Louisiana 70448.

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