Because ours is a small, private Public Notary enterprise, it allows us to spend more time handling details, and in working collaboratively with you toward a successful solution. We will take the time to examine, discover all relevant facts, review documentation, and work with you to build the document that best suits your needs.  Mandeville Notary, is one of a very few Public Notaries in Mandeville open 24 hours.
Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney in Louisiana grants one person to make specific decisions for another, under specific conditions. 


There are various reasons why one might grant power of attorney e.g. soldier being deployed, parents who are working overseas, parents on vacation, etc. However, most reasons revolve around the possible incapacitation of the person granting the power - so that their wishes can be carried out even if they become unable to express them.



Title Transfers


We provide Notarized Bills Of Sale, and Title Transfers for:


  • Vehicles

  • Boats

  • Trailers

  • Motorcycles



The customary form of conveyance is the LA Deed-Warranty (Cash Sale). Another common form of conveyance is the LA Deed-Quitclaim.


There are three different types of written instruments in Louisiana:


  1. authentic act

  2. act under private signature duly acknowledged

  3. act under private signature or private writing


An authentic act is writing executed before a notary public, in the presence of two witnesses and signed by each party who executed it. The witnesses and the notary public must sign the writing.


The act under private signature duly acknowledged is writing signed before a notary public. Witnesses are not required to be present while the document is signed; however, it does require that the witnesses be present when the acknowledgment is signed by the notary.


The act under private signature is a writing that need not be written by the parties, but must be signed by them, and is not executed before a notary public. The use of this type of instrument is discouraged and may not be relied upon without written approval of Louisiana underwriting personnel.

Partnership Agreement


A partnership agreement is a very important step to ensure there are no misunderstandings between you and your partners. A well-drafted partnership agreement will help you decide in advance how to handle certain situations. Here’s a list of items that should be covered in your partnership agreement:


·  each partner’s contribution

·  the allocation of profits, losses, and draws

·  the partners’ authority and duties

·  voting rules for decision-making

·  how to admit new partners

·  what happens upon, withdrawal, or death 

·  how to resolve disputes.


Even well intentioned, honest partners can find themselves in a legal battle if they do not have a written partnership agreement memorializing their initial purposes. Your partnership agreement can always be amended at a later date should circumstances or conditions change.


Acts of Donation


Louisiana residents, who want to donate vehicles, real estate, stock, or other property to charities, family members, or other individuals, usually need to fill out an Act of Donation form and have it notarized and witnessed.


All title transfers of motor vehicles in the state through donation must have an Act of Donation of a Movable form in addition to the completed transfer of title.


Donations of real estate in Louisiana, even between spouses, require a written Act of Donation form to clarify that the property was transferred freely without any form of payment in return. Such transfers may be from parents to children or to charities such as conservation groups.


Specific forms cover donations within families and to and from individuals and couples or organizations.


Louisiana does not require an Act of Donation form for some transfers, but the form does prove the intent of the donor and establishes rightful ownership when completed.


Act of Donation forms in the state of Louisiana serve to document the donation of vehicles, real estate, stocks and other property and rights when properly notarized and witnessed.




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We help compose and prepare wills, simple or complex, for people of all ages and requirements.  We strive to provide efficient, and cost-effective preparation for the following documents to suit each person’s needs


  • Wills or testaments

  • Donations

  • Living wills


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