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Donation of Vehicle to Family Member

As for the Act of Donation, it is a simple form that lists the donor, donee, vehicle information, etc. This form should be signed by both parties and two witnesses, all in front of a notary. You will have to fill out an approximate value of the vehicle, and state the relationship of the parties.

A lot of us want to donate a vehicle because we want to avoid paying taxes on it. With a normal cash sale of a used vehicle, the buyer will pay taxes on the amount paid. Some people try to avoid making that tax payment by calling the transfer a donation. The problem is that unless the donor and donee are immediate family members (such as father/son), the state will consider it a disguised sale. You must be immediate family in Louisiana to donate vehicles between individuals! Notaries with Mandeville Notary can assist you with the Title notarizaiton and constructing the Act of Donation document.

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