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MANDEVILLE - property transfers, Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2016

  • Biron St. 2347: $189,500, Taylor Randle Jones to Christopher H. Mazur.

  • Bluewater Drive 1212: $318,000, Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R to Francine Garcia Gilliland.

  • Cedarwood Drive 419: $98,500, Jack A Branch Jr. and Shelly J. Branch to Jordan A. Schiffer.

  • Delta Drive 270: $500,000, Charles F. Chehardy to Robert D. Thibault and Leah Green Thibault.

  • Edgewater Drive 7134: $440,000, Michael J. Medeiros and Catherine P. Medeiros to Jamie C. Schneider and Heather D. Schneider.

  • Elmwood St. 202: donation, no value stated, Ronald B. Pierce and Audrey L. Pierce to Paula Pierce Johnson.

  • Falcon Drive 28: $630,000, James R. Diefenthal and Patricia C. Diefenthal to Michael J. Gonzales and Rhonda L. Gonzales.

  • Fay St. 824: $179,000, Kristen L. Hazlett to Paul F. Plaisance and Angela H. Plaisance.

  • Heavens Drive 717, apartment 1: $83,500, Gary P. Zoller to Nicholas Tyler Drudge.

  • Highland Drive 133: $190,000, Deane Tumminello Melancon to Robert J. McAlister and Holly B. McAlister.

  • Lakeshore Drive 2113: $146,500, Jesse Wimberly III and Alysha Black Wimberly to Jesse Wimberly IV.

  • Lamarque Street, lots 1, 2, square 15: $120,000, Rollin Frederick Smith Jr., Jill Smith Savoie, Darin J. Smith and Cherry Ann Smith to Ryan M. Goris.

  • Mark Smith Drive 11: $527,500, Patricio S. Espinosa and Yaira R. Garzon Espinosa to Kent D. Borough and Theresa R. Borough.

  • Octavia Drive 1817: $220,000, Jack Allen Branch Jr. and Shelly Jean Branch to Chad R. Feindel and Jeanne M. Espenan.

  • Oleander Court 100: $127,200, Crosby Development Corp. to Bryan B. Scofield and Dwayne R. Mcclure.

  • Owl Court 1444: $190,000, Jamie C. Schneider and Heather A. Dennis Schneider to Matthew T. Dean.

  • Rue Degas 1201: $300,000, Matthew J. Joseph Former and Eileen Teissonniere to Kevin S. Bayhi.

  • Sweet Bay Drive 625: $365,000, Warren E. Koshak and Pamela P. Koshak to Micah J. Young and Katrina A. Young.

  • Sycamore Place 1324: $253,000, Succession of Raymond M. Boss Jr. to Matthew W. Thorne and Katie A. Thorne.

  • Tete L'Ours 640, no. 28: $159,000, Alfred Adolph Olinde Jr. and Allison Michelle Thornton Olinde to Ernest S. Huval and Evelyn F. Huval.

  • Towlander St. 2412: $162,000, Michele Griffin Elkins Seiler to Melody A. Warren.

  • Town of Mandeville, lot 22-A, square 232: $58,168, Norman J. Meiners and Linda C. Meiners to Keith J. Frosch.

  • Valu Village condominium, Unit 4: $475,000, Saia's Commercial Real Estate LLC to Junghoon Park and Hansook Park.

  • Villere St. 1104, Unit 28: $188,000, Gremmen Trust to Kevin W. Dinkel and Desma T. Dinkel.

  • Woodlands subdivision, phase 4, lot 116: $360,000, Matthew J. Rice and Veronica C. Rice to Carl Lenczewski and Iwona F. Lenczewski.

  • Woodridge Blvd. 509: $194,000, Robert Ernest Winn and Maria Estrada Winn to Robert S. Winn.

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