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Sometimes You Just Need a Little Information

Available from Statewide Notary Education, LLC!

There are times when you may need a short inexpensive seminar to learn a specific area of notarial law. Statewide Notary Education, LLC is committed to meeting that need with a series of one hour maximum audio seminars, provided on one CD each.

The following audio seminars available for purchase include:

1. The Form and Content of Donations under Louisiana Law 2. How to Draft an Appearance Clause for Any Situation 3. What are the Considerations in Drafting a Living Trust 4. Mandates and Procurations, What Should and Should Not be Included 5. When MUST Notaries Use Authentic Form 6. Small Successions 7. Avoiding Pitfalls in Drafting Testaments 8. Understanding Louisiana’s Collateral Mortgage and Future Advance Mortgage 9. How to Choose the Correct Business Entity 10. When Can a Trustee Delegate Powers to Another Person who is not a Named Trustee

EACH SEMINAR IS AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY. You may buy one, you may buy them all, or you may buy any number you wish.

These audio seminars were offered before, and are being offered again by request from several of you. Supplies are limited, so get them while they last!

Get in on the low price for these one hour maximum audio seminars! The price for these audio seminars is $25 each. You can call Gwen at 225-761-1354 to place your order.

Cordially, STATEWIDE NOTARY EDUCATION, LLC A Guiding Beacon for Notaries

Dan D. Schaneville

Please notify us of any changes in your email address or physical address.

Statewide Notary Education, LLC

2842 Valcour Aime Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70820 225-761-1354 (Office)

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