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Louisiana Last Will and Testament

"Just calling a document a “Last Will and Testament” does not make it valid under Louisiana law. Louisiana has specific requirements that must be satisfied before a document will be considered a valid Louisiana will. . ."

Under current law, there are only two forms of wills under Louisiana law: the notarial testament and the olographic testament (called a holographic testament in other states). In order for either type of will to be valid, it must either:

  • Meet the requirements of Louisiana law (discussed below);

  • Meet the requirement of the law of the state (other than Louisiana) where the will was executed at the time that the will was executed;

  • Meet the requirements of the law where the testator was domiciled at death or when the will was executed; or

  • If it affects real estate, meet the requirements of the law of the state where the real estate is located.

Either type must be made by the testator (and not be someone else acting on his or her behalf). Joint wills (e.g., a single will signed by both a husband and a wife) are not permitted."

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