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Senate Bill 472 is being heard tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5th at 3:00p.m. in SENATE JUDICIARY A COMMITTEE

SB472 is Senator Jay Luneau’s REMOTE ONLINE NOTARY (RON) bill and, if passed, will authorize AUTHENTIC ACTS to be executed by RON.

The LNA is opposing the inclusion of Authentic Acts in RON legislation.

Issues surrounding the inclusion of Authentic Acts in RON have not been vetted and this bill threatens the integrity of the Authentic Act. The Louisiana Law Institute has only worked on RON EXCLUSIVE of Authentic Act and this has resulted in HOUSE BILL 274 which is a responsible way of addressing Remote Online Notary issues.

We must spread the word. You can submit testimony in opposition to the bill by emailing

You can also attend and testify if you follow the attached guidelines for entering the capitol.

We are strongly encouraging ALL members to call and email the committee members and let them know of your opposition to this bill. Contact info is as follows:


Jay Luneau, 318.484.2288,

Senate Judiciary A:

Barrow Peacock, 318.741.7180,

Jimmy Harris, 504.243.1960,

Heather Cloud, 337.461.2595,

Cleo Fields, 225.342.9514,

Jay Luneau, 318.484.2288,

Patrick McMath, 985.900.6278,

Robert Mills, 318.371.5200,

Please take this extra time you may have and put it to good use! Protect our Civil Law Notary Commission; YOUR Civil Law Notary Commission.


Sharon Toups, President

Louisiana Notary Association

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