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Louisiana Notary Public

Authors~ C. Alan Jennings, Richard P. Bullock, Susan L. Johnson.

In Louisiana, the civil law notary is authorized and empowered to undertake many functions reserved to licensed attorneys in common law jurisdiction.

Authority and power comes with corresponding duty.

Explicit in the oath of office is the duty to comply with the laws and constitution of Louisiana and the laws and constitution of the United States of America. This implicitly requires the notary to exercise all the powers and duties incumbent upon him or her as an officer worthy of the highest public trust. It requires that the notary act without compromise of honesty; it compels the notary to refrain from undertaking to draw any act that is not in compliance with all the current requirements of law; and it requires the notary to refrain from executing any act that contains any recitations that misrepresent the circumstances surrounding the execution of the act.

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