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Woman accused of selling fake driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

Criselda Meraz (Source: Denham Springs Police Department)


Investigators said a traffic stop led them to a business where fake driver’s licenses were being made and resulted in one arrest.

The Denham Springs Police Department reported Criselda Meraz, 59, was selling fraudulent driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Officials added it is believed to have been happening for quite some time.

Police Chief J. Shannon Womack said the investigation started on December 20 after a patrol officer pulled over a car for a traffic stop and found the driver, an illegal immigrant, had a fake driver’s license.

He added detectives later purchased a fake driver’s license from someone at River Road Notary Tax Title on North River Road in Denham Springs. Womack stated investigators received a warrant and searched the business on December 23.

According to Womack, detectives found about 60 fake driver’s licenses, along with the materials and equipment to make hundreds more. He said investigators seized equipment, files and about $30,000 in cash. He added they also found oxycodone on Meraz, but she didn’t have a valid prescription for it.

Meraz is charged with forgery and possession of Schedule 2 CDS. She is also being held as a fugitive from the Livingston Police Department.

Womack said the investigation is ongoing. He added more charges and other arrests are probable.

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