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Form I-9

Fine-tuning Section 1

While most of our "ASPs" do a great job of completing Form I-9, the truth is that 99.99% of completed forms have at least one "error." We put "error" in quotes because some issues aren't necessarily wrong; just not "optimal." Here are three problems with Section 1 (the employee's part) that we see quite often:

Blank spaces: Most fields in Section 1 (the employee's personal data) are required. The employee doesn't have to provide "other last names," their email address or phone number if they choose not to. But all fields must contain something, so if the employee leaves anything in the top section blank, ask them to write "N/A" into the field(s).

Citizenship numbers & dates: If the employee checks "A lawful permanent resident" as their citizenship status, they must enter their USCIS/Alien Number in the field to the right. If they check "An alien authorized to work," they must also write in the date that their work authorization expires. There are also several other numbers that "an alien authorized to work" must provide... either their USCIS/Alien Number, I-94 number or Foreign Passport Number and Country of Issuance.

"Preparer and/or Translator"... or nawh? If the employee received no assistance in completing Section 1, including from you, they must check the first box, "I did not use a preparer or translator." If you or anyone other than the employee wrote information into Section 1, or you or anyone translated Section 1 for the employee, the employee must check the second box. The preparer/translator must complete the bottom section of page 1.

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