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QUIZ - Articles Of Incorporation

Suppose that a person comes into your office with articles of incorporation which are already typed and he explains to you that he is the sole incorporator. He desires to execute the articles of incorporation in your presence and in the presence of two witnesses and then to entrust the documents to you for filing with the appropriate officer in the State of Louisiana. You immediately notice that the name of the corporation is "Joie de Vivre, Inc." You also notice that the articles of incorporation are written in French.

You should:

a. Notarize the articles.

b. Inform your client that the articles must be written in English but the name may remain in another language, as long as the name is in the English alphabet.

c. Inform your client that both the articles of incorporation and the name must be written in English.

The Correct answer is below.

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ANSWER: The correct answer to the quiz question is B.

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